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Happy Easter and Passover special people I was delighted to yet again be on the radio this week. It is such an honour, thank you SAFM. This time we talked about healing with attunements which can be found under attunements here on the website. What is it? Well, it is a passing on of energy… Read more »

Reiki on the radio


Today I did my first radio show ever. It is the most humbling experience to bring people into the world of Reiki. To open up their minds, broaden their perspectives and watch how they transform in front of your very eyes by making them aware. Awareness is everything as it creates being mindful and once… Read more »



As we move into the second quarter of 2021, I can’t help notice how low the vibration of the world is right now, understandably so during these very challenging and uncertain times we are in. Then I begin to change my perspective and realize how this pandemic can be a blessing in our lives.It has forced us… Read more »



Hi ya all from JS Reiki School The other day my child asked me the question. Mom are you successful? I paused for a moment and asked what he thought. He is 11 by the way. I was quite astounded by his reply. He proceeded to say yes mom because you are happy with your… Read more »

Vibrational Magic

Hi Ya from JS Reiki School Magic has always fascinated me and to know that there is some modality out there that is completely natural and positive that can assist us with our daily lives absolutely intrigues me. I am referring to Reiki. It is a subtle yet deep hands-on healing approach that focuses on less than light… Read more »

Faith and Hope


Hiya from JS Reiki School As we start this year off with Covid in our faces, schools not opening on time and in lockdown, I can’t help but observe so much fear that is sitting in the air, it’s like walking on eggshells. The one thing though that can assist each one of us in this… Read more »



Hiya from JS Reiki school This truly has been a trying and difficult year for all of us and a lot of loneliness has set in. There are many reasons for this, especially the months that have just past. Not being able to see loved ones has been a very big factor as we are… Read more »


As the year comes to a close we can look back and reflect on indeed an extremely challenging year…….and we have made it!!!! (give yourself an embracing hug) Let’s take a little bit of time to show gratitude for the self and what we have endured in our minds, body, souls, emotions this past year. How???… Read more »

Quality time

Quality Time

A Message from me….. Today being the first day of the new week, it dawned on me that time is the one thing we can never get back.Its the one thing we cherish and miss when it is no longer there.Today being the 6 year anniversary of my parents death i realize that life is… Read more »


Good evening  I was sitting on my balcony gazing at the trees swaying backwards and forwards and at that moment I had a thought. What would i miss if i was no longer here.What would eat me at my core that i could acknowledge,fix and grow from in the now….And just like that…. upon a… Read more »