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Hiya from JS Reiki school This truly has been a trying and difficult year for all of us and a lot of loneliness has set in. There are many reasons for this, especially the months that have just past. Not being able to see loved ones has been a very big factor as we are… Read more »


As the year comes to a close we can look back and reflect on indeed an extremely challenging year…….and we have made it!!!! (give yourself an embracing hug) Let’s take a little bit of time to show gratitude for the self and what we have endured in our minds, body, souls, emotions this past year. How???… Read more »

Quality time

Quality Time

A Message from me….. Today being the first day of the new week, it dawned on me that time is the one thing we can never get back.Its the one thing we cherish and miss when it is no longer there.Today being the 6 year anniversary of my parents death i realize that life is… Read more »


Good evening  I was sitting on my balcony gazing at the trees swaying backwards and forwards and at that moment I had a thought. What would i miss if i was no longer here.What would eat me at my core that i could acknowledge,fix and grow from in the now….And just like that…. upon a… Read more »

Lifting your vibration

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I wanted to talk about lifting our spirits and therefore our vibration. Life at the moment is just so tough with Covid, it is so easy to fall into the rat race and get sucked like a vacuum into the sombre state of the world. So I decided to write… Read more »

The one thing

Good evening on this cold June night, I hope you are all well and warm and snug as a bug inside your bed with a blanky or wearing a warm gown and slippers sipping hot chocolate, which is me. Tonight I want to talk about the one thing. This means what is the one thing… Read more »

Going within

Through the Gateway

Hello my  beautiful souls 😊 It has been quite a while since I last wrote, I have been adjusting to life at home and adding being a teacher to my kids into my schedule. At last I’m on track now. The past month has been an extremely tough one for everyone as we have literally… Read more »

Letting go

Letting Go

As the year draws to a close I’d like to make my final blog post for 2019 Letting go is so easy to say yet so very difficult to do. The reason for this is because we attach ourselves to the outcome of how we want something to turn out and therefore try to control… Read more »

Life Purpose

Today I would like to touch on life purpose and what it is. To many of us, we are not actually sure what this means or how we are able to obtain it or even know what it is. In basic terms, life purpose means what is it that makes you happy and what would… Read more »



Loneliness is something we all suffer from time to time, It is one of the many emotions that we feel. What I cant seem to understand is why people shun emotions so much. These, for example, are our guilt, loneliness, anger, grief, fear. These are so important to feel as this is actually what makes… Read more »