Ho’oponopono Course


The total cost of the course is R1700 paid upfront.

  • You can pay via an internet transfer, credit card or pay cash by prior arrangement. Included in the Ho’oponopono course cost is a certificate, course manuals and Ho’oponopono prayer.
  • We offer one free catch up session if you miss a lesson after which catch ups are charged at R350.
  • Once the course has started, the course fee is not refundable.


Ho’oponopono is a method of healing that has been developed over centuries in Hawaii. Ho’ponopono consists of four different statements – called the ho’oponopono prayer that are designed to allow the individual to accept 100% responsibility for their own thoughts, beliefs, actions, feelings and how to change it back to positive in loving way, which you will learn in this course.


The course runs over 2 weeks, once a week for two to three hours depending on the group size or one weekend, Saturday and Sunday for two to three hours depending on the group size.


The Reiki course is offered in Melrose, Johannesburg or in Gallo Manor, Sandton.
To book a place on the Reiki course, contact Jeanine or Shabs
Jeanine – Email jeanine@jsreiki.co.za – Phone or WhatsApp 079 896 0154
Shabs – Email shabs@jsreiki.co.za – Phone or WhatsApp 071 254 6388


Based on an Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness and love – the healing practice of ho’oponopono teaches you to cleanse your consciousness of negative memories, fears and dysfunctional programming and grant yourself forgiveness, peace and love. Ho’oponopono means to make (ho’o) right (pono)more right(pono) and it this course you will learn

  • the prayer or mantra
  • the process on how to use it
  • how to use the mantra to realign with your dreams and purpose
  • how to bypass inner child blocks and programming of dysfunctional parenting
  • how to heal your body, mind and soul with a beautiful simple mantra :
Ho'oponopono Course