Karmic Reiki Course


The total cost of the Karmic Reiki course is R3500 paid upfront.

  • You can pay via an internet transfer, credit card or pay cash by prior arrangement.
  • We offer one free catch up session if you miss a lesson after which catch ups are charged at R350.
  • Once the course has started, the course fee is not refundable.


You may be familiar with the terms ‘good karma’ and ‘bad karma’ or ‘what comes around goes around and the law of attraction. What this means is that everything you do is reflected back to you so if you go through life sending out love, you will get back love. Conversely, if you go through life sending out hatred, that is what you will get back as well. This is because whatever vibrations we send out in our aura will attract people and situations of the same vibration. Like attracts like.

Karmic Reiki is primarily an auric Reiki and employs incredibly powerful frequencies of energy to cleanse karmic issues and finally connect to your guides to complete the karmic healing. In the course we offer attunements, there are five of them, and all training materials, files and a personalized certificate at the end of the Karmic Reiki course.


The Karmic Reiki course runs over 8 weeks, once a week for two to three hours depending on the group size or 8 weekends on Saturdays for two to three hours depending on the group size.


The Karmic Reiki course is offered in Melrose, Johannesburg or in Gallo Manor, Sandton.
To book a place on the Karmic Reiki course, contact Jeanine or Shabs
Jeanine – Email jeanine@jsreiki.co.za – Phone or WhatsApp 079 896 0154
Shabs – Email shabs@jsreiki.co.za – Phone or WhatsApp 071 254 6388


The course is for anyone who has completed Reiki level 2 or above. Karmic Reiki is a type of Reiki energy that specializes in the concept of karma and dealing with various negative issues that arise from karmic events.

There are 5 Karmic Reiki symbols. Two are used as Reiki symbols to help ease the effects of ‘anonymous’ karma while the remaining three symbols provide extremely powerful frequencies of energy which can bring about remarkable results, including revealing in great detail events from people’s past lives for current healing.