Health and Wellness Treatment

This treatment is for health and wellness to balance and heal all your chakras with use of crystals.

The treatment is for anyone :

  1. wanting a ‘feel good’ session
  2. needing a break from deep emotional healing
  3. wanting to feel refreshed, balanced and cleansed
  4. needing support for mild illness such as a cold
  5. wanting some quality time to nourish themselves

Treatment details

We use a selection of crystals and place them in specific healing layout to bring overall health and wellness in physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy bodies.

It can be used for any types of client at any time as it is like the energetic equivalent to an energising body massage using crystals.

The session lasts for half an hour and costs R150.

The Health & Wellness Treatment is done at the JS Reiki School located in Melrose, Johannesburg or in Gallo Manor, Sandton.

Book your Health & Wellness Treatment now by contacting Jeanine or Shabs
Jeanine – Email – Phone or WhatsApp 079 896 0154
Shabs – Email – Phone or WhatsApp 071 254 6388

Alternatively, complete the form below.

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