Twin Flame Reiki Attunement

Twin flames are sacred unions chosen by the Devine to activate the highest level of unconditional love on earth. They are two souls in two bodies which mirror all the darkness and light of each other’s soul patterns to bring about the complete masculine and feminine (Yin and Yang) healing and balance in each other – the total balance of creative energy.

Twin Flame Reiki connects you to your twin flame and Devine so both souls can be empowered, enlightened, healed and experience unconditional love. The attunement opens the systems of both souls to receive the above healing and love.

The Twin Flame Reiki attunement can only be passed on to others once you have done the Reiki Masters course.


The Twin Flame Reiki Attunement takes one hour.


The Twin Flame Reiki Attunement cost is R800.00, which includes a manual and a certificate on completion.


The Twin Flame Reiki Attunement is offered in Melrose, Johannesburg.
To book an Twin Flame Reiki Attunement, or to get more information about the attunement, contact Jeanine or Shabs
Jeanine – Email – Phone or WhatsApp 079 896 0154
Shabs – Email – Phone or WhatsApp 071 254 6388