Are you a DO DO DO or BE BE BE?

To Do

Which kind of persona do we gravitate towards? A do do do is someone who Is always busy doing things, doing work, doing shopping, doing cooking etc. These kinds of people are usually thinking about the next thing on the list even though they are busing doing something else. We are usually people that always have something on the go and struggle to sit and not actually do anything. Although this is fantastic at times because in order to get something done especially of high priority we need to be doing the task at hand. However, if we only sit in this persona life seems to pass us by and we hardly get time to stop and take deep breaths. If we gravitate to this way we seem to be existing and not actually living.

People that are a be be be are the ones that actually be in the moment of. They are the ones that are drinking their tea and just being in the moment of drinking their tea. Actually, enjoying their tea fully, and only doing that. Or cooking dinner. they are being in the moment of cooking dinner, not thinking about something else. These are the people that we should strive to be, we have a fuller life, with passion and joy. Here we are living and not merely existing.

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