Crystal Course


The Crystal Course runs over two weeks, once a week for two hours depending on the group size.


Contact Jeanine for dates or complete the form below.


The total cost of the Crystal Course is R1 400.00 paid in advance.

  • You can pay via an internet transfer, credit card or pay cash by prior arrangement.
  • The Crystal Course manual is included in the cost of the course.
  • Catch ups are charged at R400.00 per session should you miss one of the sessions.
  • Once the course has started, the course fee is not refundable.


Working with crystals is a journey that calls us to fill our space with love, light, colour and healing which starts with us and then fills to the world around us and ultimately the planet at large.

It is a magical trip within the kingdom of gems. Whenever we are in need of a crystal know that this is the exact stone that you are drawn to energetically it’s as if the stone has spoken and chosen us to take it home so it can do its work and heal you.

Although there are so many kinds of crystals for so many different reasons, this course concentrates specifically on crystals related to the chakras as well as other uses that crystals could be used for.


The Crystal course is offered in Rosebank.
To book a place on the Crystal course complete the form below, or contact Jeanine
Email or call or WhatsApp 079 896 0154

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