Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive guidance is a form of alternative therapy in which we combine the emotional side as well as the energetic side of healing the individual to assisting you to making you feel whole again.

As humans we are made up of both emotional and energetic sides and when both are dealt with, it is then that we can completely heal. Healing is achieved through a combination of counselling, reiki, chakra balancing as well as certain healing techniques to help assist you in your healing process. A host of crystals are also used to help release negative emotional blocks and help to assist in creating space in your body for positive emotions to come about.

Intuitive guidance can help you understand why you seem to struggle to receive gifts such as a massage or meal from a friend or a lover, maybe even a compliment that you can’t seem to appreciate fully. Try Intuitive guidance so you can truly enjoy the life that you are looking for.

The cost of a 1 Hour 30 min Intuitive guidance treatment is R600 and includes a reiki treatment.


A intuitive guidance treatment lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes and is completed in a calm and tranquil environment. We start off with understanding all about you and why you have come and what you are wanting as an outcome any questions you may have regarding intuitive guidance .

The treatment also includes a deep reiki healing session to take out negative energies from the body so you leave feeling good and relaxed.

We encourage self healing techniques such as letter or journal writing, yoga exercises, obtaining crystals depending on your personal needs. The duration of the intuitive guidance will continue for as long as we feel that you are needing the treatment to go on for.

The Intuitive Guidance Treatment is done at the JS Reiki School located in Gallo Manor, Sandton.
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