Relaxation Reiki Treatment

The Relaxation Reiki Treatment *R&R* is designed to make you feel energized and replenished in moments of your intensive treatment when you experience total depletion or physical and emotional exhaustion.

Using a unique combination of energised crystals and activated energy stones, your body is assisted to release toxins. Powerful spiritual healing symbols are used to lift your vibrations and penetrate deep into your energy field with the R&R Treatment.

The R&R Treatment can assist people undergoing intensive chemotherapy and or radiation therapy treatment for cancer to revitalize their bodies’ physical energy and assist you feel at ease with your treatment process and treatment phase.

Some positive effects include an increase in appetite and concentration levels and the desire to persevere in your treatment.

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue and burnout, you can use the R&R Treatment to increase your stamina, replenish your physical energy and shift your consciousness into the present feeling more positive.

Pregnancy exhaustion can leave you feeling very depleted. The R&R Treatment can be used to boost your energy levels and revitalize your body in a safe and nourishing way for you and your baby.

The sessions last for an hour and cost R600, inclusive of a crystal energise kit to take home and use for self-healing.

The R&R Treatment is done at the JS Reiki School located in Gallo Manor, Sandton.

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