Buddhic Boost Workshop


The total cost of the Buddhic Boost Workshop is R1000 paid upfront.

  • You can pay via an internet transfer, credit card or pay cash by prior arrangement.


The Buddhic Boost Workshop lasts two hours.


Contact Jeanine for dates or complete the form below.


The Buddhic Boost is a once off attunement. Once the attunement is complete, the feeling that comes from it is different from one person to the next. One might feel a series of physical detoxification.


The Buddhic Boost is an attunement that lifts our vibration from band level 1 to 2. It is the bridge from Usui reiki to Lightarain reiki. It can only be done once Usui masters is complete and can be done instead of Karuna Masters (band level 2).

The boost is done with a commitment to follow on with lightarain reiki, allowing for access to bands 3 to 8, which is the highest band in reiki.

The advantage of doing Karuna Reiki is that you learn the symbols and become a Karuna Master.

The Buddhic Boost Workshop consists of a group introduction and discussion, followed by the passing of the Buddhic Boost attunment and ending with a guided meditation.

Once you have completed the Buddhic Boost Workshop, you will lift your vibration and feel more energy flowing through yourself, feel lighter and more positive in your life with your thoughts. Life is beautiful and we manage to find true moments of heaven on earth.

We feel happy, good things happen to us, we stay well and energised.

Once you have received the Buddhic Boost, you are energetically prepared and obligated to receive the Lightarian reiki 1 and 2 attunements.


The Buddhic Boost Workshop course is offered in Rosebank.
To book a place on the Buddhic Boost Workshop, or get more information about the course, complete the form below or contact Jeanine
Email jeanine@jsreiki.co.za – Phone or WhatsApp 079 896 0154

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