Holistic Reiki Treatment

The Holistic Reiki treatment is subtle and gentle on the body yet very powerful and deep as it penetrates deeply into the body’s cells, organs, tissues on an energetic level.

The Holistic Reiki treatment focuses directly on the posture of individuals. This means that we work mainly on three specific targeted areas that being the neck (individuation point) and crown chakra, the shoulders and chest (the soul seat) which relates to our heart, throat and our solar plexus chakra and lastly the back (the tan tien) which focuses on the sacral and base chakra.

Treatment details

During the treatment, you lie down on the reiki bed on your side with pillows to keep you comfortable.

The Holistic Reiki treatment is focused on the three points of the neck, shoulders and back using gentle subtle yet powerful techniques to rebalance the emotions and energy affecting the posture.

How the Holistic Reiki treatment works

The individuation point is based near the neck and head and stores emotions based on realigning and reconnecting with negative religious experiences.

Treatment in this area can assist people who struggle with stiff neck where a lot of tension is carried and whiplash. Posture needs realigning from the neck down when the shoulders may be pushed too far forward or back.

The soul seat is based in the area where we hold emotions of grief and death and it is here that we find our life purpose.

People who have shoulder issues especially those clients that carry kids with one hand, prams etc…also handbags which cause stiff shoulders can experience healing treating this area.

The tan tien is based in the pelvic region. Reiki in this area helps to slow down the pace of what we do in a day or speed it up, depending on the thought and intention of the treatment.

This treatment is used for clients that are experiencing back pain from a trauma i.e.: an accident, whiplash or if you put your back out, slipped a disk, pelvic and coccyx problems. The energy penetrates deeply into the whole body into all the chakras, tissues, cells and not just surface stuff so it has lasting effects on the body.

It is also extremely good for pregnant woman who tend to get a lot of backache from the amount of weight being carried and helping to release pressure on the energetic plane freeing you up to feel a whole lot lighter and better.

Reiki and chakra balancing is performed giving you a full treatment for the outer and inner body. The Holistic Reiki treatment cost is R600 inclusive of a Chakra kit to take home for self-healing. The treatment takes approximately an hour.

The Reiki three-point posture treatment is done at the JS Reiki School which is located in Gallo Manor, Sandton.

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