Ascension Bands

Lightarian™ Ascension Bands Information

The Lightarian™ Ascension Bands are a series of six powerful attunements that are used to assist individuals to re awaken themselves and lift into higher vibrational bands of Buddhic energies. There are 8 bands in total.

Each one is used to accelerate healing, raise our vibration and prepare ourselves for the new human species. Its purpose is to focus on intention through our own pure and creative thoughts to ultimately create harmony and balance within ourselves and our universe.

The Benefits of the Lightarian™ Ascension Bands

  • The Lightarian™ Ascension Bands will progressively take the individual to higher personal vibrational levels including building energetic clarity, higher levels of awareness and to deepen our inner connections with guidance and support to become truly divine beings of ourselves.
  • By raising your vibration after each Lightarian™ Ascension Band, you increase your ability to lift emotional and spiritual blocks and authentic who you really are.
  • Increase your perception of Buddhic ray energies into your everyday life so that it becomes the daily frequency level that you function on.
  • When you channel with higher beings you are able to take the mediation to a higher level with a deeper consciousness and clarity of what you channel and perceive.

Lightarian™ Ascension Bands Attunement Information and Costs

The Lightarian™ Ascension Bands are available to anyone wanting to complete them. These attunements can be done physically or etherically, meaning you can be located anywhere in the world.


Lightarian™ Ascension Band attunement can be done a minimum every three weeks. These attunements are done on a one on one basis and appointments can be made during the week.


Each Lightarian™ Ascension Band session lasts one hour, 15 minutes of which the attunement takes 20-25 minutes followed by a discussion and a reiki session.


The cost of each Lightarian™ Ascension Band is R450.00, including a reiki treatment. There are 6 attunements and each will need to be paid upfront before the first attunement begins. Etheric attunements are also offered.

Overview of the Six Lightarian™ Ascension Bands

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level One

The first Lightarian™ Ascension Band activates and switches on your etheric circuit to become a conduit to receive these buddhic energies and move beyond the introduction stage to further lift your vibration. The Buddhic density begins on level 5.8.

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level Two

The second Lightarian™ Ascension Band creates a more refined channel in our own abilities to see, sense and feel these energies around us becoming more tangible in nature. At this level, the ability of clairvoyance is enhanced. Your connection with ascended Master Buddah is expanded and enhanced to the Buddhic density level 6.2. You sense of self will shift and expand at this level.

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level Three

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level Three is a process of ascension and decension to surrender our ego so that we can shift our perceptions and become aware of our inner purpose in order to become more humble, grateful and comfortable with who you are. This process is called self actualisation. Your connection with ascended Master Buddah is expanded and enhanced to the Buddhic density level 6.85.

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level Four

At Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level four you ascend to the fifth vibrational level. During the attunement you are introduced to a new supportive healing energy Gaia (Mother Earth). Gaia is invited to assist Buddha in creating a healing platform for the Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level four attunement to take place. Our connection with ascended Master Buddah is expanded and enhanced to the Buddhic density level 7.35.

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level Five

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level five exposes you to the sixth vibration band. Our connection with ascended Master Buddah is deepened on an even purer and clearer vibrational energy to the Buddhic density level 8.25. the introduction to the new supportive energy at this level is the Godhead. The Godhead energy provides a more direct, loving and powerful healing influence.

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level Six

Lightarian™ Ascension Band Level six transmits the seventh and eighth vibrational band and the highest Buddhic density level 9.99 emanating at the highest level of the ascended Master Buddha. The supportive healing energy of Sananda is introduced. Sunandas dominant focus is of purity.


To book a Lightarian™ Ascension Band, or to get more information about the attunement, contact Jeanine
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