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What do you practice?


When asked this question we usually think of an instrument or sport however what the question is actually asking is what behaviour you practice. Because if you practice for example anger, you will become very good at it in fact so good that people will see your angry a mile away. If you practice worrying… Read more »

Simple things in life


Today I’m going to talk about the one thing that everyone is chasing yet not many are achieving and that is the simple things in life. So often we caught up with the daily routine of life, deadlines, dropping the kids, meetings, etc… And our mind thinks that this is what makes us happy. Then… Read more »

How to stop feeling your client’s pain?

Hiw to stop feeling your client's pain?

In my experience of teaching Reiki, the most common problem that my students face is taking on their client’s problems and pains. This may occur on a physical, emotional or mental level often manifesting as the experience of feeling a client’s pain or walking away from a session feeling energetically exhausted. Personally experiencing the symptoms… Read more »

Where do you channel your Reiki energy from?

Where do you channel your Reiki energy from?

As humans we believe that we are limited due to living in structured societies with rules and limitations thus we develop a belief system that the universe operates the same way -this is a false concept. When Dr Usui discovered Reiki he was very much searching for answers on limitations. As a young boy growing… Read more »

You are enough – The Universe

You are enough

I am Enough Who I am is Enough What I do is Enough What I have is Enough If all humans can get this concept that all we are is enough as we were created in pure love and light and we can be nothing else but enough – we would truly live in a… Read more »

Giving up

I can't

Yes, I know we all have had that feeling more than once in our lives I’m sure. Life is not a bunch of roses, they say it’s not for the faint-hearted and I think I seem to agree, Life is tough, responsibilities to work, money, health, family, friends…..and…and…and. the list is endless, and sometimes (ok… Read more »



Did you know that laughter is the best medicine for the soul? The reason for that is because it takes away the element of fear and worry and only fills the heart space with love. Did you also know that we cannot be in the feeling of both love and fear at the same time,… Read more »

Feeling good

Feeling Good

Feeling good is something I think everyone, everywhere wants. Regardless of age, culture and size. When we feel good then good things happen. Why is this so? Feeling good is the internal person inside of us happy, she/he inside is at peace and love is the driving force that is projecting inwards and therefore oozing… Read more »


Self Love 101

Self-love is an action, not a state of feeling good. I always like to say its learning to open your heart inwards to your needs first instead of others. Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support and care for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Today I… Read more »

Psychic attacks and crystals


How does a psychic attack occur? Psychic or energetic attacks occur when negative and evil energies are directed towards to you with deliberate or undeliberate intentions. It is extremely important to protect ourselves from psychic attacks, energy vampires and negativity. What are the symptoms of being psychically attacked? 1. Frequent mood swings 2. Anger for… Read more »