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Falling in love

I love me

Just about everyone dreams of falling in  love, but with who is the question?. While most of us would say to fall in love with the man of my dreams, to be swept off my feet and feel that undeniable connection on every level or for a man to say she compliments me on every… Read more »

Are you a DO DO DO or BE BE BE?

To Do

Which kind of persona do we gravitate towards? A do do do is someone who Is always busy doing things, doing work, doing shopping, doing cooking etc. These kinds of people are usually thinking about the next thing on the list even though they are busing doing something else. We are usually people that always have something… Read more »



Today I want to talk about these 7 letters that make up the word believe. Sounds so trivial as it really is just a word unless you choose to feel the word. How do you do that? The faith, the hope. A lot of us tend to have faith about events, people, situations etc… however there… Read more »

Comfort or Courage

Today I want to talk about two different ways of life. Most of us like comfort because it is easier. We stay in a job because it’s easier, even though we unhappy. We carry on  friendship because its less effort to tell them that they no longer serve you, so we see them, not have… Read more »

Fight for what you want


The world is ours for the taking, sounds cliché its true though….However, it’s only there if you choose it to be there. What do I mean by this? Let me break it down. There is an abundance of everything we are needing on earth yet how do we get there? How do we look at… Read more »

The Journey

The Journey

Deciding to take the leap and  do a course on self-discovery is not an easy decision to make by any measures. It’s challenging, uncomfortable, painful even…… yet why do people still want to do this course despite the obstacles it may present. Well its easy really, the more we tend to work on ourselves the… Read more »

If at first you don’t succeed

decide, commit, succeed

Try, try and try again. Easier said than done I know. This year has been an exceptionally tough year for me and the only way I actually got through it was to keep on walking and not stop. It’s very easy to be a victim. Not much work is required other than to moan and… Read more »

Gratitude changes our attitude


Today I am going to talk a little bit about gratitude. Many of us don’t like to express our emotions, it is seemed as uncomfortable like anger or fear. Anger is an extremely important emotion to express but in a healthy way, like being angry talking about it and then reaching a level of forgiveness… Read more »

From pain into pleasure


It is human instinct to move away from pain into pleasure. Yet when we are not in a good space, we tend to push our self toward pain and self-infliction. Think about it when we are in a bad mood or feeling down, not only do we not want to be around people or ask… Read more »

What do you practice?


When asked this question we usually think of an instrument or sport however what the question is actually asking is what behaviour you practice. Because if you practice for example anger, you will become very good at it in fact so good that people will see your angry a mile away. If you practice worrying… Read more »