Distant Reiki Treatment

How the distant reiki treatment works

A day and time is arranged between the client and the reiki master for the distant healing treatment and the connection is confirmed before the start of the distant reiki treatment.

In your own sacred space. you lie down and the energetic connection takes place as the Reiki Master connects and holds the energetic connection. Each persons experience is personal.

At the end of your distant reiki treatment the Reiki master will reveals the impressions (visions and feelings) that came up during the distant healing through email after the session or over the phone.

How to receive a distant reiki treatment

The distant reiki treatment is very beneficial if you live in a different city from Johannesburg, South Africa and also works well for people that are not able to get away from work during the week or anyone not able to make the standard appointment times or even for a friend or family member that is sick in hospital.

The distant reiki treatment can be done in the evening or during the day depending on availability.

Clients that are not able to leave the office but can find a space to relax without being disturbed, can receive a distance reiki treatement at their office.

The distant healing treatment lasts for 30 minutes and the cost is R300.

The Lightarain rays, clearings, angel links and purification rings are also offered over distant healing.

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