Heart 2 Heart Chats

Some of our clients share their heart to heart experiences with JS Reiki School.

Jeanine is a very experienced, supportive empathetic and understanding teacher. She goes the extra mile in helping you with not only your Reiki journey but with your spiritual journey.

Reiki course

When I came to Jeanine Sacks I had already completed my advance level but still had a vague idea to what to add to my qualification.

Jeanine held my hand like a guide, a Freind , a teacher and a Master. She checked my potential and guided me through the best plan no one else could for me and one by one she taught me all the levels and every bit of it to become a Master.

She turned me from a student to a Master in a very little time. Since I was moving out of country in a few months. Not a single day was she less than before. She invested her time, her knowledge, her experience and her Heart into Teaching me Reiki.

Today I am a Usui Reiki Master, a Karuna Master and heading towards becoming a Lightarian Master. It all would not have been Possible without Jeanine’s precise Guidance and immense Training.

She throughout has been my Freind, my Guide and now that I have learnt to this level. Let me also say that Jeanine’s flow of Chi and her Vibrations are phenomenal. She has the strongest flow of energy in herself least to say. I feel Blessed to be a Student of Jeanine Sacks.

Mariiam Raheel

My Reiki journey all began when my 5-year-old son guided me to start my healing path.

We were in a 3-year diagnostic battle to figure out what my son had. From Dr to Dr, test after test. Anxiety and fear instilled from each and every visit and test done. No one knew. Finally, we got to the bottom of it -a rare genetic disorder that none of the Drs in this county had any experience with. I knew I needed to do more than what the western medical system could offer.

It was at this point I meet Shabs and Jeanine. For the first time, my mind was put at ease. I started to learn through the Reiki how to surrender my fear and just trust in the universe. My son Rafael is truly one of my greatest gifts.

My journey of awakening began.

The beauty of these amazing healers is that not only do they offer their abundance of knowledge and love but their guidance and light always.

I learnt how to start to heal myself. I learnt how to access and use Reiki in my everyday life. The comfort I find in my Reiki symbols is immeasurable. I feel protected and in the flow of life. The synchronicities became abundant.

These incredible women have helped me live in the now, reconnect with myself and start to heal my past. This gift has given me a new lease on life.

I can now heal my boy! And hopefully others in the further.

I have so much gratitude to Shabs and Jeanine for changing my life and guiding me to stand in my light.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jeanine is amazing. She has awoken my spiritual soul and helped me to reconnect to the right path I’m supposed to journey upon. I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life through her help and guidance…

Reiki treatment

My life has changed in so many ways since I began this spiritual journey with JS Reiki school. I had never been for a Reiki treatment prior to this and I must say I have never experienced anything like it. I felt such a tremendous sense of calmness come over me within a matter of weeks I no longer experienced backache, migraines and the usual anxiety that I experience on a daily basis. My senses and self-awareness have become very heightened, I was no longer angry I felt at peace and found it very easy to forgive others for hurting me in the past and most importantly to forgive myself. I realised I had become more accepting of my circumstances leaving it in the hands of the Divine and trusting in the perfect timing something I was never able to do before! Of late I have discovered I am unable to consume meat, something I’ve tried for many years to give up without success, suddenly after reiki my body automatically started rejecting it. Reiki has changed my life for the better I no longer see people as physical beings but rather big balls of light I’ve never felt this kind of joy before and now have a deep desire to share what has been life-changing for me.

In love and light. Lameez♡
Reiki course and treatments

I’m filled with gratitude! Thank you so much for spending the time and energy with us yesterday doing a reiki session on my baby -it was amazing! He said he loves you and thinks you very funny! He said please can he go back tomorrow …hahahah he really enjoyed it! Thanks again beautiful Shabs we love being in your energy.
Reiki Baby boy
Reiki treatment for kids and babies

Spiritual family coaching session with Shabs was mindblowing – this girl is truly gifted – no fake! The four-hour session was life changing and made a huge difference to our family dynamic and problems. She gave us valuable life-changing tools to heal our family problems and within 2 weeks all our family drama has dissolved into love and light 🙏 it just an absolute blessing! A session with her is priceless and spiritually enlightening and I highly recommend.

Ngwenya family
Spiritual coaching

Distant reiki rocks ! I have had a kid on antidepressants for years – she is anxious, angry, hates crowds, always alone and by herself, all the time – no friends, hurts herself physically, problems at school – concentration issues. Tried everything then I was referred to JS Reiki School by a friend and Shabs advise distant treatments for 2 months. I can’t even recognise my baby anymore – she is calm, friendly, got the best grades at school this term, halved the meds, only seeing the therapist once a week instead of three times a week! I don’t understand how distant reiki treatment work but I do know that they are giving my daughter her life back -totally grateful to Shabs and JS Reiki School

Many blessings and love
Distant reiki treatments

Shabs is an amazing gifted psychic – she the real deal! Thought I was going crazy with all the family drama the last 12 months and she put so much into perspective and the tools she gave me from my guides were just spot on accurate.

A big thank you for the most enlightening session! You have a very special gift. You opened my eyes- whew. Now I understand why I’ve been feeling so “off” – not myself. Am working on clearing and protection. Also to build up the positive. And to dismantle the malevolence and return it to the light. Am sooooo grateful to you. Thank you again 🙏 please keep using your gift to light up the world -it so needed.

Psychic reading

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening and have experienced my share of Reiki sessions, readings and spiritual coaching with various teachers. But I can honestly say that I have not connected with two more special souls than Jeanine and Shabs.

Jeanine is one of the most powerful and supportive healers I’ve worked with; her reiki is truly transformative. And Shabs is THE most stunning intuitive I’ve ever met with the amazing ability to see and heal one’s soul. Her readings are challenging, but always honest – she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear and that has been truly life-changing for me. And she does it from a place of complete love and generosity, guided by divine energy.

As a Muslim woman, knowing that God has blessed Shabs & Jeanine with their gifts and that they operate from a place of love and light that supports my spiritual beliefs has brought me much solace and relief.

Spiritual awakening can be a lonely, confusing and scary process but Shabs and Jeanine are fully committed to empowering all who walk through the doors of their practice with the tools they need to thrive, and healing the world through their vision of deep spiritual healing and transformation.

I moved to SA almost 3 years ago with no friends or family here. Now that I’ve found Shabs and Jeanine, I feel like I am now part of a tribe and community of spiritual warriors. I no longer feel alone and I consider myself blessed to have met them and to have them along on my spiritual journey.

F Kaba
Reiki course
Readings and reiki treatments

I booked Shabs a week before things became really hectic for me – I am talking, Breaking point! My soul expanded so much that my soul started leaving my body, I’d jump up a few time through the night & jump around, stretching etc thinking maybe it is a pinched vertebral nerve or so (looking for excuses like we all do.), struggling to sleep. Usually, I am a stage 3 & 4 Delta & REM sleeper – without any night terrors, Nightmares, etc. It was so bad that I would go to bed at 1-2 am and wake often; sometimes wide awake @ 4-5 am – Waking up with headaches. I even started sleeping with lights on.
My wall closest to my side – that get sun first thing until 12 midday – started looking like something out of the Exorcist…
I still can’t remember a lot of what happened in my life that week prior to meeting up with Shabs, (I am not an alcoholic or addict in any way – just a Medium & didn’t know it…)😝
I did, however, experience Lots of spirit activity, psychic attacks, a broken down Aura, etc. But ignored it, until Shabs decided to come over for a house cleansing.
I actually feel at home again in my own home, sleeping very well. The energy is Clear!
Even the cats sleep like babies!

Shabs is an amazing healer, teacher, born intuitive as she cleared my home spiritually and taught me tools to keep it clear -many others have tried to clear me and my home from the spiritual turmoil but none where effective!!!

Thank you a Million Shabs! Truly!!
Ri Wright

Energetic Space Clearing
Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course

I have had many readings this past year and Shabs is the first intuitive I have found who totally understands the twin flame relationship and the challenges that we face. She offered sound guidance to help heal the connection and spiritual tools to clear karmic blockages -which was just amazing! She comes from a space of love and truth with no judgement to give you guidance and accurate readings. I highly recommend her as she is a brilliant gifted intuitive and I got much healing from her reading.

Much love Candice

Twin Flame reading


Buttons and BowsWe are a haberdashery in the heart of Bryanston, offering all things knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery and more. We have been around for 5 years and over time we have become a safe place for creative women and men to come and experience a moment in time that we seem to be losing in this technological world. We offer classes as well so like minded individuals can come in, have tea and really learn the craft they are passionate about.


Due to the shift to technology in the world, our industry seemed to be disappearing and so our business had been struggling to maintain it’s original popularity. My daughter came to me and mentioned she visited Shabs and Jeanine and so I decided to see the ladies and see how they could implement the principles of Reiki into our shop. Immediately their presence in my life shifted the energy in the shop. They performed a cleanse in the actual shop and the change in customers was extraordinary. We suddenly were exceptionally busy, with old and new customers, and the general vibe within the store was completely transformed.

Shabs and Jeanine showed me how simple and obvious it was that the energy in the store had become stagnant and simply by performing a cleanse, placing bells on our entrance and performing Reiki, the energy suddenly was flowing again. This did not go unnoticed by the customers as more and more people were making comments and our classes were getting bigger.

We continue to work on the energy in Buttons and Bows and with each day, the energy we are putting into the store is coming back to us tenfold. Thank you ladies, for putting us back on the right path and showing me the power of energy.

Contact Details:
Carol Palmer
082 495 3142

Energetic Space Clearing


Shuffle Media is a growing company offering social media solutions to businesses and individuals who are seeking improved client engagement and brand awareness. We take on your social presence, manage and curate content, which falls into part of a larger marketing strategy, whilst maintaining the interaction with online customers. We are a hands on and versatile company that works with you to make social media work for your brand.


I found myself struggling with finding new clients, miscommunication issues with existing clients and generally lacking the inspiration or motivation to push the company in the direction I wanted it to go. I was aware that my personal issues were impacting my business and something needed to be done but I needed help.

Queue the entrance of Reiki back into my life and what a change it has made. Shabs and Jeanine were my angels that brought me back to where I want to be. They walked me through some personal issues and gave me tools to really take control back in my life. They explained it beautifully for me as a cup full of all my issues or obstacles. If that cup is full, then there is no space for something beautiful to come in, if we make space and clear those obstacles then suddenly new and incredible opportunities are able to come into the cup.

My company has been completely reenergized through this personal self love I began to experience with Reiki and the ladies. I have been able to face personal relationships with the right intentions which in turn has reflected so magnificently on my business in the form of new clients, improved relations with existing clients and just a general increase in the quality of my work.

The impact of Shabs and Jeanine has been more than I could have ever expected. Their teachings and practice is a serene and animate reflection of the true sense of Reiki.

All I can say is thank you both and thank you to the universe for bringing me to your beautiful presence.

Contact Details:
Lauren Palmer
072 412 1953

Energetic Space Clearing
Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course

I have been through the most amazing life changing journey and I want to thank Jeanine and Shabs for all the time and effort they have put in with me.
When I started my Reiki journey I was very sceptical and never thought I would actually use it, never mind open my own practice.

I was suffering from anxiety, depression, health problems and just generally unhappy. I had no spiritual guidance and no beliefs.

Now, a year later, I am feeling so much calmer, healthier and happier in myself and I’m off all meds! I have my own Reiki practice, which Shabs and Jeanine are helping me grow every step of the way.

This past year of learning about Reiki and using it on clients has helped me grow spiritually and emotionally and it was the best decision I ever made.

I hope that one day I will be able to help people as much as you both have helped me.

I can’t thank you enough for all your support through my journey.


Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course

Can you imagine feeling like you’re in love for the first time, the excitement, the butterflies… but it’s even more special when you feel it for yourself-falling in love with thyself! When you love yourself truly, you’re able to love everyone unconditionally. This is what Shabs has done for me. The Reiki course was done from a place of pure love and with the greatest kindness and patience. The Reiki course and treatments have helped me release all my limiting patterns and beliefs and helped me to make peace with all my life issues, past and present. The guidance was 100% accurate, I searched for 10 years to find an accurate psychic (intuitive) and God sent me Shabs. Shabs works purely with the divine and does not express personal views, she has the ability to able to see in you God’ divine will and helped me find my way back to God and the light.

In February this year I reached the darkest night of my soul, I tried to end my life after much turmoil in my life, I lost everything. The universe heard my cry for help and helped me to find the most special person I have ever met – Shabs. No amount of money or words can describe the love and help that I have been blessed with from Shabs. She treated me with the greatest respect at all times and never judges me. I always feel like a queen in Shabs presence. I realise my full potential and admire my best qualities as well as the best in everyone I come into contact with. I find strangers smiling at me these days, they see what I see – my light shining bright.

This week for the first time in 20 years I smelt the beautiful air that I was breathing. It felt like I was at the top of the Himalayas, crisp and fresh. I finally felt at home. I felt like a child in my parents home. The feeling is indescribable. I feel strong, confident, happy and I can feel the inside of my body filled with abundance and joy. My skin complexion is shades brighter and I feel so young. Everything I lost has been returned in complete love. I feel fulfilled in every way. I am at peace. I suffered for years with back and neck pain, migraines and sinus headaches, it has miraculously disappeared! The treatment was purely spiritual with no religious discrimination. I have the deepest admiration and respect for Shabs. I am connected to God and I feel his light surrounding me 24/7. Thank you Shabs, may you always be blessed and help others in the same way you’ve brought me back to life and living again.

A blessed reiki student Midrand

S Reddy

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course
Psychic Reading

I would like to say a big thank you to Jeanine and Shabs for helping me snap out of a very dull space I had found myself in. My Reiki sessions were filled with warmth and comfort. My intuitive readings with Shabs were raw and honest to the core and what really brought me back to myself.

I am so grateful to them both for the time and energy they put into me and my relationships with my family members. Some of the advice I was given, I will carry with me into the future and I am finally in a place where I feel optimistic and excited about the path I am on.


Psychic Reading

Thank you so much for all your help, guidance, love and support through my journey of self and spiritual awakening. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life and am so excited for what the future holds for me.

The positive vibrations felt both internally and externally these past 6 weeks were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced or could put into words. It’s been an incredible journey for me and I have loved every minute of it. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to have done this, it has been such a profound experience with such beautiful souls and I gained 2 wonderful friends in the process. It truly has been so phenomenal and life-changing.

Reiki has been a phenomenal journey within, connecting to my higher self. I am so grateful and thankful for all the gifts I am recieving from God and the energy life force. I’m so blessed, sharing this gift has already been so incredibly beautiful.

Love from a Reiki student

V Smit

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course
Psychic Reading

Before I began my reiki journey I was stumbling down a path surrounded by darkness, depression, anxiety and constant pain and aches. It would be an understatement to say that I did not have quality of life or any semblance of grounding.

When reiki was first introduced to me in my down trodden state I was skeptical, my existence moved like molasses and it took me a while to give in to the experience. After spending months of not finding relief from the mental illness that sat upon my shoulders like mountains of lead, I was deeply surprised to find myself feeling an immediate improvement of my mental and physical state from the very first touch of reiki treatment. My blood vibrated with electric spiritual energy and peace that was passed onto me from the treatment.

After I had left my first treatment I knew I needed more, so I sought other reiki masters to awaken that energy that had reenergized my mind, body, and soul. That is when I met Jeanine Sacks, Reiki master. From my first encounter with her my re calibrated intuition told me that she was the right person to go on and teach me how to practice reiki so that I could use it as a constant tool in my life. Going down the path to learn Reiki was a God send and a blessing.

From the first few weeks immersing myself in the course and receiving the attunements I noticed immediate change in my mind, body, and life. Suddenly my spirituality re-algined and I felt myself connecting with the oneness that flows within everything in life. I begin feeling physical vibrations and noticing that my senses sharpened and became more sensitive and I was relieved of the shackles of constant anxiety and worry and depression, instead finding a renewed sense of inner strength to combat the stresses of daily life, a deeper self worth and self love and a greater love for all people, animals and things that connect us and bind us to the vibrations of energy and life.

Reiki has changed my life, it has been a beautiful journey that I know is far from over. I am deeply grateful to Jeanine and Shabs for reigniting my thrill for life and connecting me with the ancient heartbeat of the world.

Kholiswa Mendes Pepani
16 April 2018

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course

Dear Shabs and Jeanine,

Having done much work in various metaphysics fields over the years, I began the Reiki 1,2 and Advanced course with a full cup and perhaps very little expectation, however, a lot of curiosity as I had recently seen the effects of reiki in someone dearest to me.

I didn’t expect a life changing experience – but that is exactly what I got.

The dedication and dynamic of your team ignited my soul even though I never thought that, being this deep into my journey, I could learn something again with this level of intrigue and excitement.

Thank you for everything, your teaching is warm, wise, unconditional and quite frankly a breath of fresh air.

I am so grateful for the knowledge and for this art, and I hope reiki will remain an ever evolving path for me and you, my teachers, will become lifelong friends.

My deepest gratitude and love,


Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course
Psychic Reading

Beautiful Shabs, I just want to say the biggest thank you for the reiki course, for your kindness, your time, and for the 100% that you give us in each and every class. I am so extremely grateful that I was guided to you and Jeanine and look forward to a lifetime of learning and friendship together

You have both touched my life in more ways than I can say and I will always pass that gift on others

Big hugs Jamie

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course

Dear Shabs

I miss you so much. And right now I’m here crying and asking myself what it is that I get from you and our spiritual coaching sessions. It came “Hope” and that there is much much more to life than what I had closed myself off to.

I didn’t realise how much I had died inside, How much I had given up in life and was just merely existing, and you came and you opened up that well again in me. It is springing up and I have no words to ever Thank you . If I can do just a fraction of what you did for me and my life through the spiritual coaching sessions for even one Soul I will be so humbled and grateful.

Thank you Nozipho

Spiritual Life Coaching

Wow what a spirit awakening chakra course you offer. I am so overwhelmed. On my last day of my chakra course the same evening I was drawn to one of my books. Guess what the heading on that page said? HEAL was the heading. I was stunned more than anything. Thank you JS Reiki for the guidance you give out of love to bring out the stars that we all are.


Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course

Spiritual healers are people who allow the energy of Spirit to flow through them in a way that guides, rejuvenates and empowers others. Shabs knows this process and has been a guiding force to empower and rejuvenate my inner spirit. She is a relentless and powerful mentor. I have felt and continue to feel my energy shift while working with her. Both Shabs and Jeanine are fully committed to helping light workers find their inner light with which to share with the world. Their work is truly phenomenal.
Love and light Jolyn

Specialised Attunements

Hi Shabs, When my 13yr old got home today he complimented me. He said mommy you look so beautiful. Your spiritual work my dear is just out of this world! Blessings and blessings unto JS reiki school. I’m already blessed to have met you.

Love J

Chakra Course

My experience doing my reiki course from beginners level to master level.

Doing the different levels of the reiki course has honestly changed my life in many ways, I had started this course at a late stage in my life and I wish I started it a long time ago. It taught me so much, and I could have avoided a lot of pain and suffering that was caused from my cheating ex-husband and not being able to have the strength within me to be able to voice my opinion or speak about the things that hurt me the most in order to get it off my chest. Doing this course it has taught me and given me a strong peace of mind to forgive anyone who has caused me pain and has taught me to be strong and be able to handle things with a wider perspective about anything that would come my way. I’ve learned to use my emotions and personal senses to be my weapon in every aspect in my life. It has made me a much happier person and I feel so much more free spirited and I can take on anything in my life head on. Reiki is a form of life saving and life giving to anyone and everyone who deserves a change or guidance in their life.

You have changed my life. Thank you so much.

Reiki student

Mrs Murugan

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Course