Today I want to talk about these 7 letters that make up the word believe. Sounds so trivial as it really is just a word unless you choose to feel the word. How do you do that? The faith, the hope. A lot of us tend to have faith about events, people, situations etc… however there are very few people who believe in blind faith. What is it? Its believing and having faith in the unknown. Something has not physically materialized yet you believe it will, you just know it. Look at the example of peter pan, that fairy dust can make you fly. Literally, the impossible made possible or the matrix and Keanu Reeves dodging bullets, both these examples have 1 theme in common, they believed in themselves….Once we do that the world becomes our oyster. We begin to live in a world of I’m possible and no longer impossible. With faith in the universe above and belief in the self-anything is possible, recreate how you choose to perceive the world.

Why it is that so many of us struggle with this way of thinking is because we are programmed that it needs to be here and tangible. We can see it and touch it therefore it is so. However in order for anything to materialize In this tangible world, it first needs to be felt and thought of in spirit and then brought down. Unfortunately it is the monsters in our head which Is our ego that says it’s not here and therefore can’t be. Ego is everything will fall into place. Only then will I feel at peace….spirit says I find my peace within and everything else falls into place,

Miracles do happen every day, however our timing is not gods timing. Does it suck, absolutely yes, but somehow the most extraordinary things happen in the most extraordinary way at the perfect time the perfect scenario will present itself to you, one that you could never have thought possible and so there lies the perfect example of believing and surrendering and ultimately the impossible becomes possible. Try it…surrender and let go …its liberating. Do I do this all the time, hell no, but I certainly try.

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With love from me to you

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