Comfort or Courage

Your comfor zone

Today I want to talk about two different ways of life. Most of us like comfort because it is easier. We stay in a job because it’s easier, even though we unhappy. We carry on  friendship because its less effort to tell them that they no longer serve you, so we see them, not have a good time, are irritated afterwards only to do it again next time. What about the way we let people talk to us, it might be disrespectful or unkind, yet we allow the abuse especially when it comes from a family member, spouse, parent, siblings. Why do we do this to ourselves, we literally hurt ourselves our body, mind and soul. It simply ….this way is far more easier, and most importantly there are no external consequences in comfort. However the consequence which we do not see is unhappiness, flat, no zest for life or peace. Is this the life you really want to lead? I certainly don’t.

How do we change it….by taking the leap of faith? By first of all acknowledging that we indeed are not happy with our choices, then to say it out allowed and finally to act on it. It is something very scary to do, it’s a new space, it’s the unknown and it is absolutely not comfortable. It takes a huge amount of courage to change something when it’s been a pattern for so long, but courage is being scared and doing it anyway. This is a huge element of self-love. Loving the self-enough to make the change to improve your life. That takes huge guts and determination

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Love and Blessings

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