Good evening 

I was sitting on my balcony gazing at the trees swaying backwards and forwards and at that moment I had a thought. What would i miss if i was no longer here.What would eat me at my core that i could acknowledge,fix and grow from in the now….And just like that…. upon a moment it hit me like a ton of bricks, it’s the connections i have to myself, my family, loved ones and friends, that is to me what makes life worth living. Then I ask myself why it is so hard with some people, that we just don’t seem to gel anymore or we seem to have lost our way. Why?

Finding the answer to these kinds of questions is very hard to do. It makes us vulnerable because it means we actually have to own this and take responsibility for understanding what has happened, This is a very lengthy process, infact its a life long journey and along this journey many people,family for that matter will come and go in your life and relationships will deepen or loosen all the while the most beautiful connections are slowly starting to be made in the background.

Connections that are deeply fulfilling on every level, that satisfy the soul urges.Happiness, laughter,peace and most importantly being real.That means if someone is coming over for a dinner there are no airs and graces, just the company perhaps a bottle of wine, crackers and some good laughs or cries.Real means no trying just being, the ability to actually be silent and be comfortable with that person in silence.That right there is a solid connection.

It all begins with us though,the demons that sit in our head that stop us from finding happiness,peace ,freedom,joy. It would be an honour to take you on a journey with me and explore the shadow self to come out on the other side stronger,happier,free.

Please free free to browse through my site and please reach out to me if you feel i could assist

Have a blessed weekend

Love and light

JS Reiki School