Empaths as Healers

EmpathWhat is an Empath -A highly sensitive individual who can sense people around them feelings and thoughts as their own.

Many healers who are drawn to healing arts are highly empathic. Being empathic has a range of meanings from being very aware of the needs and feelings of others or feeling others pains and emotions within their own bodies.

Empaths feel the world around them and I believe that this is why many are drawn to healing. They can feel where there is a need for healing and thus make healing sessions very effective for clients. But this can also be very harmful to an empath if they can’t differ from what is their or others pains and emotions and then empaths start to feel the blocks of others in their own energy channels.

I think as empaths we get the idea that we are meant to suffer along with those we help in order for our work to be effective. That somehow if we take on the suffering of others or even suffering of the world we will be helping. This is an error in thinking. It an error that limits us as healers and also makes us ill and leaves us carrying a lot of emotional and physical pain.

The key to not doing this as an empath is to simply accept the issues of the clients from a place of non-judgement and love, thus being the open channel for the healing energy to flow freely and where it is needed. Once we make this shift we don’t have to take on others suffering but rather to be the channel for healing to occur.

Your part in the healing of a client is to hold space with love and healing as they walk their own healing path at their own pace, not to walk their path for them. It can be challenging to learn to separate your own energy from that of others when we are healers and empaths. It’s certainly my biggest challenge as a healer.

But being an empath has made me one of the strongest healers once I learnt to use my empath skills without taking on others healing path and suffering.

I taught it was my biggest curse now I know it is my biggest gift -it rocks to be an EMPATH.

Love and Light
JS Reiki School