Extended Reiki sessions

Extended Reiki BenefitsLike anything in life the more we do the better we get the better we feel. The same applies to Reiki. Yes, it is a healing modality and yes we feel better after a treatment, however, having regular treatments is a real plus. An even bigger plus is wanting to do the regular treatments as wanting to heal the self is the most important thing for them.

After surgery a client feels very groggy and out of it. The anaesthetic is very taxing to the body and can take up to 2 weeks to rid itself out from the physical and energetic bodies. Coming for regular Reiki after surgery can absolutely assist in this regard and aid in overall healing. When we have a Reiki treatment and the anaesthetic is inside of us, after a treatment, it takes one week off from helping the body detox the anaesthetic meds. Therefore only taking one week to recover from the side effects and after having 2 treatments the anaesthetic is gone within 2 to 3 days, that’s the power of healing from love and Divine.T his is the beautiful marriage between medical and holistic healing to speed up the overall healing for the client.

Another interesting example is when having an intensive therapy like chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are very taxing to the body. We have had many cases at the practice where clients are using chemo and regular Reiki. The findings are astonishing, clients have feelings of exhaustion, nausea, low appetite and low zest for life after chemo et and then after having a Reiki treatment suddenly feeling more like their old self again, eating better, more energy and happiness giving them reduced side effects and a new outlook to life. Plus feeling more positive about having the disease in the first place. We all know that gratitude changes our attitude. So the more positivity we place in the body the more we look at the illness with love and release it in love. The key is a treatment every 2 weeks if not every week for a while until the body feels better.

Regular Reiki and adrenal fatigue is also extremely powerful. Adrenal Fatigue is a direct result of the physical body saying I’ve had enough of you and I’m needing a time out, and I’m going to do exactly that. So stuff you. Well, what most people do is then shut down and sleep and more sleep. Yes, this will help the physical body, however, it is the emotional and mental body in the first place that was not listened to which is why the manifestation in the physical body occurred. Regular Reiki treatments enhance the adrenal glands as well as the emotional and mental systems to help to achieve an overall balance of mind, body and soul. The more treatments one has the better one feels the more energy one has and the more the feeling of loving life starts to come back. The trick is to have regular treatments.

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