Faith and Hope

Hiya from JS Reiki School


As we start this year off with Covid in our faces, schools not opening on time and in lockdown, I can’t help but observe so much fear that is sitting in the air, it’s like walking on eggshells. The one thing though that can assist each one of us in this pandemic and era of life is to never give up faith and hope and to believe that this too shall pass when it is meant too

Without having this belief system, it makes life very gloomy and miserable.It is more important than ever to lift our vibrations as much as possible to exuberate love and joy and happiness even in the most somber of time, as it is this collective energy that will help shift the planet back into a space of love and healing,

If you are needing any guidance on the way forward, please reach out to me, i would love to assist, I have many courses and treatments on offer, all you need to do is ask and have the will to walk the journey with me,

PLease stay safe, stay sane and stay well

Love and blessings always