Falling in love

I love me

Just about everyone dreams of falling in  love, but with who is the question?. While most of us would say to fall in love with the man of my dreams, to be swept off my feet and feel that undeniable connection on every level or for a man to say she compliments me on every level and I feel with every cell in my body that she is my other half. Sounds amazing doesn’t it……..But how do we manage to attract this into our life.

Actually, it has nothing at all to do with another individual. it has all to do with the self. Falling in love with yourself. It is an incredibly difficult journey to do this because it means unpacking all the parts of yourself and placing them on the table while you stand there absolutely and completely naked. No armour, no ego, no excuses just you with you. This means facing yourself in the mirror. Looking, I mean really looking at the whole of you. The good is easy, we all love good traits e.g., I am honest, I am kind, I am patient. While these are all amazing to have, these are the joyful traits, although these are not the traits that help us grow.

The traits that help us grow are the ones we don’t like to face, we don’t like to own and therefore take no responsibility for. In this case we are sitting in denial, which is why ignorance is bliss although absolutely not living. Let’s look at this for a moment. Being in a dark space, most of us know all too well about that. A trying and testing space e.g.: divorce, death, break up, loss of job, losing your best friend or parent due to lies, deceit, ignorance. All of this is real and is real hard to digest. Here we need to take responsibility for our lives, we chose it and therefore we need to live with the consequences of,  it’s much easier to blame others, most of us do….then why do we never grow. The answer is because we want a quick fix. In reality it will always come back to bite you.

Working through the demons by first of all acknowledging the emotion i.e.: I am selfish or I am aggressive or I am materialistic is the first part of your healing, actually saying it out aloud to yourself, the second part is being gentle on the self during the process of acknowledgement, so to be able to say yes I am selfish, its ok that I am selfish let’s look at why. This is beginning process of you falling in love with you, all of you, and what you don’t like and see you can always choose to grow by learning and developing your negative traits.

Sounds bizarre right, well let me put it to you this way. If you have never been at rock bottom, then how would you ever know just how much strength you actually have to get up and carry on. If you never went through a traumatic time or a life-changing decision that will change your fate, being petrified then how do you know what endurance is. We do all this not because we want to punish ourselves, quite the opposite. We learn to accept every single part of who we are, be grateful for the experience as they have taught us the most valuable lesson of all. And that is to love you for you, all of you unconditionally, ultimately to fall in love with yourself and when that happens. Bim sala Bim…… the door open to be able to fall in love with someone else, finding it at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected way with zero effort.

Love and blessings

JS Reiki School