Feeling good

Feeling GoodFeeling good is something I think everyone, everywhere wants. Regardless of age, culture and size. When we feel good then good things happen.

Why is this so?

Feeling good is the internal person inside of us happy, she/he inside is at peace and love is the driving force that is projecting inwards and therefore oozing outwards. So the way we feel inside is what we manifest outside of us, meaning our reality. When we feel good inside then flow happens outside. For example; you have been waiting for a part for ages with your car at the panel beaters, driving a rented car which you don’t like for ages….

When all of a sudden out of nowhere you get a call saying the part arrived 3 days ago and your car is ready for collection in the morning, wooolaaa. It’s done with absolutely no effort.

Decluttering the mind, body and soul is so important for good quality of life, I’m referring to energetic flow to create balance and harmony. Without this, we simply exist and not live.

What’s my secret, a healing treatment once a month to give me the injection I’m needing to live and not exist?

Come and try a treatment and see what I mean.

Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School