Fight for what you want


The world is ours for the taking, sounds cliché its true though….However, it’s only there if you choose it to be there. What do I mean by this? Let me break it down. There is an abundance of everything we are needing on earth yet how do we get there? How do we look at the glass half full or half empty? The more we look at the glass half empty the more half empty things will come into our space. For example, you go to the gym and half work out at half the pace and half the time, the end result will be losing half the weight or being half fit. This goes for relationships, friendships, money, career and spills into all avenues of our lives.

I don’t know about you but I certainly do not want to be sick one day and dying thinking to myself I should have fought more, Fought more for what? For life, for freedom, for happiness, for most importantly ….what you WANT. Let me say that again to live is to fight for what you want.

O.K so how do we get there you ask, FOCUS, FOCUS, and FOCUS. My mentor had been telling this to me for years and I did focus and life was great then….the focus went for a dive and then came back. When we are needing to focus and get to the end result (what it is you want) we won’t get there with inconsistency we will only get there with endurance and consistency. Come let’s do this together, work, together to create consistent thoughts of achieving, light at the end of the tunnel, filling our cups and staying in the light.

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It will help you to get to a point of fighting for what you want.

Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School