Giving up

I can'tYes, I know we all have had that feeling more than once in our lives I’m sure. Life is not a bunch of roses, they say it’s not for the faint-hearted and I think I seem to agree, Life is tough, responsibilities to work, money, health, family, friends…..and…and…and. the list is endless, and sometimes (ok a lot of times) we want to through the towel in. Why not? It’s so much easier …yes but in the long or short run? Yes, it might be hard to endure but in the long run, we win, it saves us and we carry on. It’s when we give up that unfortunately the lesson of what we are needing to learn catches up with us all over again. It has taken me the long, hard way to realize that endurance is probably one of the greatest gifts you could have and to utilise in your life on earth.

Part of endurance is having the ability to fill your cup when it’s empty, to take time out or to do the things that you love to do and go to the places you like to go to. But I think for me the most important tool for endurance is the ability to be gentle on yourself whilst in your rut of adventure, Gentle on the self-care range from anything to colouring in (one of my favourites) to singing, or baking, walking the dog, car racing, shooting, yoga. Whatever it may be, incorporate it into your daily life. We need to feel good and most of all when we are down and in a difficult space.

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Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School