Gratitude changes our attitude

GratitudeToday I am going to talk a little bit about gratitude.

Many of us don’t like to express our emotions, it is seemed as uncomfortable like anger or fear. Anger is an extremely important emotion to express but in a healthy way, like being angry talking about it and then reaching a level of forgiveness at some point.

When we are unable to do this we are unable to let go of the anger and it starts to manifest internally inside the body which is why people say that anger is 1 letter from danger.

So how do we shift our anger if we can’t? Well, the best way is to find something you are grateful for in the moment of anger, it is difficult but trust me, it does work, and it is the one technique that does help shift the feeling of anger.

Gratitude can be something so small, in fact, the smaller the better, because if we can appreciate the small things in life then we can appreciate the big things in life. Like a sunset or a child’s laugh or a cup of warm tea on a freezing cold day.

Let’s try it out this week

Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School