Happy Easter and Passover special people

I was delighted to yet again be on the radio this week. It is such an honour, thank you SAFM. This time we talked about healing with attunements which can be found under attunements here on the website. What is it? Well, it is a passing on of energy through me to you, an initiation and guidance from the powers above (universal) as well as below (gaia – mother earth). There are many different categories namely the clearings which do just that ranging from shadow tapestry, birth pattern removal, even lineage clearing (there are 6) to replacing with positive good vibrational energy which is the ray section, which includes self-empowerment, healing, manifestation to name a few (there are also 6).

One of my absolute favourites though is that of the angel links. Here I work with 5 angels, there are so many, Archangel Michael (we use him for protection and angelic guidance) Gabriel for joy, Uriel for gratitude, Raphael for courage and Sereph rose for unconditional love. They are so beautiful and make us feel so loved, to be able to use these special energies at any given time we may need them in our day, just by calling on these beautiful magical light beings is just incredible.

I’ve also decided to start breaking up my Reiki course into reiki 1 and then reiki 2 and then reiki 3 for those that cannot do all 3 in one sitting over six weeks. Details will be published on the website soon.

Have a blessed Monday, stay safe.

Love and light always JS Reiki School