Internal healing is called Reiki

Internal healingI have been doing internal healing for many years. This internal healing is called Reiki. It is a divine gift from the universe that can be used and shared on this beautiful planet we are so grateful to live on.

I’ve been through much in my life and the one constant that got me through my really challenging times and still does is the self-nurturing Reiki I do on myself.

So how has Reiki served me? Let me start by saying that if it was not for Reiki I would permanently be on medication for anxiety, whenever I get nervous or anxious I place my hands on my heart centre intend healing and then the anxiety goes away.

Another way Reiki has served me is when I lost a loved one. It’s incredibly difficult to break ties and we want to hold on to the spirit for dear life which is not healthy for us or the soul passing yet it is so sore to let go because now what? How will life be?

Reiki somehow miraculously gives this feeling of internal peace and freedom. Allowing us to let go in a healthy way.

I have a huge respect for this modality of healing because I have personally witnessed the miracle of this heart healing method. Somehow and someway it allows us to take on more in challenging times, we learn to take life in our stride more and not sweat the small stuff. To me, this is living and not existing.

You don’t believe me….come and try for yourself.

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Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School