Letting go

Letting Go

As the year draws to a close I’d like to make my final blog post for 2019

Letting go is so easy to say yet so very difficult to do. The reason for this is because we attach ourselves to the outcome of how we want something to turn out and therefore try to control that which we have no control over. So how about this, let’s give over the control to the universe and say what will be will be. We all know the saying if you love something or someone set it free, if it comes back it’s yours if it doesn’t it never was to begin with

The reality is, if something is meant to be, it just will be and fall into place with no effort required, it flows. Resistance is the universes way of either saying timing isn’t right or its not right. Either way, let it go, but the key is to let it go with love, not expecting it to return, then we just bluffing ourselves and trying to put false hope into something that may or may not be there.

This is the single most hardest thing to do , there are feelings, expectations, desires, dreams and goals. I don’t know why we don’t always get what we want but I do know that universe always has a bigger plan for us as we only see the world from one perspective and the universe sees it as a birds-eye view.

So 2020 is going to be the year I try to let things be as they are, to have the strength not to try change the things I cannot change to have the courage to accept that life is exactly where it needs to be. To trust in the universe and to keep on walking

Wishing you a very happy new year filled with much love, peace, joy, happiness and laughter

Heres to 2020!

Love and blessings
JS Reiki School