Lifting your vibration

Hello and happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to talk about lifting our spirits and therefore our vibration. Life at the moment is just so tough with Covid, it is so easy to fall into the rat race and get sucked like a vacuum into the sombre state of the world. So I decided to write about the little bit of joy that fills my cup in super small ways. I went for a walk in the park today and bonded with nature, just sipping my cappuccino,it was such an amazing time as it just let me feel alive inside, so simple yet so fulfilling and raising my feeling of joy. Just to sit on the bench with my back in the sun was something else that felt so good. The sun is the element that nourishes the solar plexus which is your area of self-worth and deservance. 

I feel a whole lot better just by doing that. The elements of the world are natural and free for us to utilize at any time. Please lean on them especially now, they are so helpful and so rewarding. Lifting our vibration is so vital during this uncertainty it gives us feelings of hope, freedom and trust. Trust in the divine. 

Remember the more joy we feel the more joy we attract into our space and the more happy we feel and the higher our inner feelings of peace and  vibration.

Please feel free to browse through my site and let me know if anything tickles your fancy. I’m only a WhatsApp, email or phone call away. I’m here to help raise your vibration.

May you be blessed with a week of good vibes!

Love and light

JS Reiki School.