Hiya from JS Reiki school

This truly has been a trying and difficult year for all of us and a lot of loneliness has set in. There are many reasons for this, especially the months that have just past. Not being able to see loved ones has been a very big factor as we are creatures of human experience which also means we crave attention and energy and time spent with others. This has been extremely difficult to achieve as it has been taken away from us due to circumstances out of our control.

The good news is that it has forced us to look inward and spend some time with ourselves, which is no easy task if we are not used to it as our thoughts begin to consume us and worse, we face ourselves and begin to learn who we really are. What is it that nourishes us, what we like or don’t like about who we are? It’s like creating a brand-new relationship with yourself. It’s uncomfortable and scary and it is much easier to focus the energy and attention on others which allows us to bury emotions and avoid dealing with ourselves when we are the most important person in our lives.

Loneliness is uncomfortable as it is an emotion that is associated with vulnerability. It is feeling we struggle with as it creates a sense of uncertainty. Looking inward is very difficult as a lot of us don’t have the will or desire to do so, and even more, the fear of what may find or become aware of and that is hard! The reason why it is hard is we feel alone and don’t know where to begin. My Reiki course is a fantastic way to learn about the self with the guidance and support of me behind you every step of the way. You no longer need to feel alone and scared

Take a look at my courses, my first one begins in January 2021. Please feel free to call, WhatsApp or email me if the desire is there to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and self-love. It would be an honour to share my knowledge with you and teach you how to find that inner peace inside, the ability to be OK when life is not OK. When we have peace, we have total abundance in life.

Happy holidays, stay safe and stay sane.

Love and blessings always

JS Reiki school