Psychic attacks and crystals

CrystalsHow does a psychic attack occur?

Psychic or energetic attacks occur when negative and evil energies are directed towards to you with deliberate or undeliberate intentions. It is extremely important to protect ourselves from psychic attacks, energy vampires and negativity.

What are the symptoms of being psychically attacked?

1. Frequent mood swings
2. Anger for no reason
3. Sudden fatigue
4. Extreme fear
5. Sudden energy loss
6. Cravings for excessive sugar etc. to replenish loss of energy
7. Sudden depression
8. Obsessive negative thoughts
9 .Vivid nightmares

Crystals that can be used to protect your physical as well as your auric body from psychic attacks:

1. Black obsidian or onyx -Psychic defence to block off negative influences
2. Jasper -Returns negative energy back to its origin
3. Tiger eye- Protects against unwanted energy forms (negative thoughts and spirits)
4. Clear quartz -Transmutes negative to positive
5. Lapis Lazuli -Creates a protective shield around aura.

Love and blessings
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