Reiki and Karmic Healing

KarmaThe word karma carries a negative connotation of suffering and pain. Many view it as a kind of punishment of their misdeeds. Some also believe that this punishment is imposed by God or a higher power that decides what is right and what is wrong. This belief is taken as truth and causes deep-rooted fear.

And then there is a parallel belief that the more good one does, the more good karma he or she accumulates. It is believed that good karma is rewarded while bad karma invites punishment.

Karmic principles and laws are valid and they are not something to fear but good or bad karma holds a beautiful lesson our soul wants us to learn. If we take responsibility for our lives we also receive the power to heal our karma. If we choose to blame others we give our power away and continue to remain stuck in karma. We create our reality, therefore, we create our karma so we have the power to heal our karma-period.

The 3 different kinds of karma

Individual karma: this is karma that is limited to an individual and can show up as struggles with health, relationships and finances.

Collective karma: when a group of related or unrelated people share a similar issue they are said to be recipients of collective karma for example- victims of war

Ancestral karma: This is where patterns are passed on from generation to generation for example – genetic illness

How Reiki helps heal karmic issues

Karmic Reiki treatments opens us up and invite more light energy to flow through our bodies. Thus the more treatments we do the more light energy flows through our bodies and more self-aware we become of limiting patterns and this is the first step to healing karma.

Karmic Reiki heals on a cellular level and goes right to the root cause of every karmic issue. It brings up hidden patterns and memories that need healing from across space and time. Meaning from past, present and future experiences.

Karmic Reiki gives us an opportunity to heal past life issues without always having to be aware of what happened exactly.

Karmic Reiki will also help ancestral karma by choosing to heal ourselves we also contribute to healing our family tree and bring healing to ancestral generations.

So come to try a karmic Reiki treatment at the centre and let the energy lead you right back to your own inner light where you will discover that all your karma is your own doing and that you hold the power to heal your karma so you can live your dream life- whole and healed. And possibly enjoy a hearty laugh at the end of it -I know I did and still do.

Love and blessings
JS Reiki School