Reiki and Self Care

You cannot drink from an empty cup

Reiki and self-care go hand in hand like a horse and cart making a happy marriage, one that will stand the test of time.

Reiki will help you make self-care a priority in your life – here is how

  1. Reiki yourself daily morning and evening at least for 5 minutes a day and build to 20 minutes.
  2. Meditate every morning for 5 minutes -combine your Reiki treatment with your morning meditation and start to feel amazing!
  3. Exercise regularly -it could be a simple as a walk in a park or taking the stairs instead of the elevator .It important to move your physical body to help release stress and tension you may picked up from your Reiki sessions.
  4. Keep your sense of humour – laughter can instantly shift your vibrations thus increasing your flow of Reiki in your sessions
  5. Put your worries in Reiki box – all your worries, stresses, irritations, limitations or arguments put into your Reiki box and send Reiki to your box every day and watch them all disappear -poof gone!
  6. Pamper yourself at the end of the week to say thank you for doing Reiki sessions on yourself every day.

Here some suggestions on pampering ideas:

Go do your nails a crazy colour so next week you can look at your reward every day
Take an hour, make a cuppa tea and watch cartoons
Go out with bestie for ice creams

If you choose to do Reiki sessions every day on yourself you will see these 3 things happen often

You learn to forgive yourself more and become more gentle with your best friend – YOU.
You will say no to everything that doesn’t nourish your soul in a loving way.
You will surround yourself with kind loving people who easily are drawn to you.

Stressed and exhausted – time for self-care!
Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup – take care of yourself first

Love and blessings
JS Reiki School