Reiki on the radio


Today I did my first radio show ever. It is the most humbling experience to bring people into the world of Reiki. To open up their minds, broaden their perspectives and watch how they transform in front of your very eyes by making them aware. Awareness is everything as it creates being mindful and once we are there, magic starts to appear, as if the blinkers come off and literally a whole new world opens up.

Thank you so much to SAFM for having me as a guest speaker on your show this week. If any of you would like to listen to it, please follow this link. I’ve managed to create a little more time during the week which has allowed me to offer courses at additional times. The next Saturday course starts on 3 April and with new weekday courses starting from 12th April. If any of these course dates and times do not accommodate you, please let me know and I will gladly find a way to assist you and cater for your needs

I hope you had a beautiful, long and well-deserved break this weekend.

Love and light