Reiki Rules

Reiki RulesThe joy and pleasure of healing others is indescribable -when our clients or anyone experiences healing from Reiki treatments it is priceless!

The miracle of healing through the use of Reiki is simply amazing but amidst this joy of healing we need to remember and follow some basic rules of Reiki:

  1. Do not develop the attitude of arrogance – be humble:
    Remember you are not the healer but just the Channel for Divine to flow through. Instead of being arrogant rather develop an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Practice with love:
    “Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease.” Dr Usui
    If you do only one thing practice with love healing of yourself and others will happen easily and effortlessly if this is done.
  3. No free Reiki:
    You cannot give free Reiki, unless of course there is some emergency. It may end up accumulating karmic debt for both healer and the client. This circuit is only complete when you give and receive generally things given for free lose its value and importance.
    So respect Reiki and always ask for an energy exchange.
  4. Do not get attached to outcome:
    Just give Reiki with pure heart and intention. Do not get attached to the result as you are only the channel for healing to happen but how and when is decided by the Divine or Universe.
  5. Be ethical:
    As a healer or a teacher follow ethics and teach from the heart. Teach or heal in such a way that your words and guidance stays with your clients or students forever.
    Reiki is for everyone, ditch the attitude of jealousy and competition.

Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School