Safety and protection with Archangel Michael

Arch AngelThere are times when all of us experience feelings of being unsafe. In such moments we allow our thoughts and emotions to rein over us and create monsters that scare the hell out of us. These monsters are usually of our making but it is hard to see this truth when gripped by fear. Feelings of fear and lack of safety are all energy and they cause harm to our energy field if we allow them to continue for long periods of time. We have the power to heal them by connecting with the part of us that is all well-grounded, safe and free of fear of our soul.

And with our soul connecting to Archangel Michael – his energy resonates with strength, courage and protection. Michael represents that aspect of Source or God that reflects safety, strength, purity and courage -by connecting to Michael we allow the same aspect in us to grow stronger.

Here are some ways that we can invoke protection and gain strength whenever we feel unsafe.

Chanting and singing

The moment we notice feelings of being unsafe taking over us, chant or sing Michael’s name and connect with his energy. This is not done as worship. The intention is to connect with Michael’s energy and to therefore get in touch with the aspect in us that represents courage and strength.

Home Protection

If we feel unsafe at home call on Michael to watch over our home when we leave for the day and at night when we go sleep – use the statement below,
“Dear Archangel Michael please shield my home in a white bubble of love and light”

Outside protection

If we are travelling or going to a place that makes us feel unsafe, request Michael to accompany us – use the statement below,
“Dear Archangel Michael please accompany me .Please protect me and help me feel safe. Thank you for your presence.”

Symbol Protection

We can use Reiki symbols with Archangel Michael – double protection.
Use Cho Ku Rei -draw a big one in the air and step into it as we say, Archangel Michael, I ask to be protected throughout the day.

Angel link Attunement

We may also connect more to Michael by getting attuned to him at the centre – please see Attunements Angelink. Students and clients who have done the Angelink with Michael have affirmed how protected and safe they feel which was never the case before the attunement.
May the energy of Archangel Michael be with you always.

Love and blessings
JS Reiki School