Self Care

As the year comes to a close we can look back and reflect on indeed an extremely challenging year…….and we have made it!!!! (give yourself an embracing hug) Let’s take a little bit of time to show gratitude for the self and what we have endured in our minds, body, souls, emotions this past year. How??? ….. We do this by adding in a little bit of self-care on ourselves….examples?…. taking up dance lessons even on youtube, lying down and finally buying and reading that book you have been longing for, maybe it’s that delicious cake you would like to bake, finally deciding to dye your hair red or blonde or even chop it off with a brand new looking you. All of these little milestones are actually the very essence of filling our cups. It is so important why? Because, like me, you are necessary in this world and you matter. This has been an extraordinary time to have no choice but to go within and really look at who we are and what we actually want out life, ourselves, relationships, career, where we live, hobbies. 

If you are finding it difficult to go within or feel guilty or ashamed or even uncomfortable to even think about filling your cup let alone actually doing it. I am here to help. I have just put up new course dates for next year. I can help you find your way back to you. It really is a magical journey of self-care…..

Love and blessings always JS Reiki School