Simple things in life

SimplicityToday I’m going to talk about the one thing that everyone is chasing yet not many are achieving and that is the simple things in life.

So often we caught up with the daily routine of life, deadlines, dropping the kids, meetings, etc… And our mind thinks that this is what makes us happy.

Then the question is. Why are we not happy? The ego which is the mind tells us that we are happy and therefore it stands to reason that we should be happy.

This is the optimal word should.

So what has gone wrong?

Well, the heart is love, joy, happiness and ego is go go go go, do do do do. The heart always wants what it wants yet we don’t always listen to it because of expectations of family and friends, consequences etc… the main quality to happiness is to enjoy a moment every now and then just to admire something simple. It can be as small as stopping to see a new rose that has started blooming in your garden, walk up to it and smell it. Something so small goes such a long way or how about drinking a cup of tea and watching the sun go down or the trees moving in the wind.

A simple picnic just you and nature and a bit of food, one of my all-time bests is to hug a tree. Yip that’s what I said go and hug a tree.

It is just so warming and loving. It’s an absolute abundance of Mother Nature right there.

If you would like to know more of these weird and wonderful little simple things please contact us we will gladly assist you.

Love and Light
JS Reiki School