Hi ya all from JS Reiki School

The other day my child asked me the question. Mom are you successful? I paused for a moment and asked what he thought.

He is 11 by the way. I was quite astounded by his reply.

He proceeded to say yes mom because you are happy with your life. This is a profound answer because  I strongly believe this is the measure of success. People are happy because they do that which gives them joy and peace. Having beautiful lasting friendships, memories of fun filled experiences with lovers and spouses, quality time spent with family and kids, this can’t be all of it of course as the above merely talks about relationships with others…..

Another level of success is measured on soul nourishment, which means the ability to do things that make our heart happy, for some it could be drawing, singing to learning about spirituality or the stars even playing with animals for that matter. It is normally a hobby that requires no effort and creates a warm, fuzzy and joyful experience while doing it. Then….another level to consider is work and employment. In order for us to have lunches with friends, watch the tv show we love or even play with that dog we love, it requires a sense of money to be able to purchase such things in the first place. Although earning an income is important, it is by no means a measure of the level of success one has in their life, largely because doing well financially or having strong titles is not what necessarily single-handedly makes happiness, rather it is the culmination of nourishing the soul, spending time with special people as well as having some form of work that we do, be it time-wise, knowledge, skill, expertise, emotion or intelligence that allows us to earn a living.

If success is what you may feel is lacking in your life as you are not feeling fulfilled or happy or even joy and peace for that matter, please do take a squiz through my website and have a look at my Reiki courses, (next start date March 2021)  treatments and meditations that may be able to assist. The ultimate we can give ourselves is knowing who we are …..and then living that  beautiful authentic self

Have a blessed day

Love and Light aways

JS Reiki