The Journey

Th Journey

Deciding to take the leap and  do a course on self-discovery is not an easy decision to make by any measures. It’s challenging, uncomfortable, painful even…… yet why do people still want to do this course despite the obstacles it may present.

Well its easy really, the more we tend to work on ourselves the more we uncover the skeletons that hold us back from our own success. Be it  deeper more meaningful relationships with a friend, lover or child.

To have better job satisfaction with more respect and greater remuneration.

The reason why this is so , is the more we work on the demons and monsters in our heads which Is the ego, and the more power we give it, the more we get stuck in the fear and the more we stay exactly where we are or even take a step backwards for that matter. The more we decide to face our fears of not being good enough, self-esteem, self-worth or even self-trust the more we free ourselves from our own internal prison

And the mpre peace, harmony and feeling of internal power and satisfaction we have.

Is it hard? Absolutely do I struggle too? For sure. We all have areas on insecurities make no mistake. We are all here to learn and grow from  our experiences. It’s the ability to not let an emotion  consume us to the very core, then……. We win and become the victor when we are scared and do it anyway. That’s the courage and that courage is the beginning of  the change process

It would be an honour to teach anyone who has the will and desire to start taking responsibility for their lives. My first Reiki course for 2019 starts sat 26th Jan, followed by Thurs eve 29th Jan. For more information please take a look at the website or whatsapp 079 896 0154 Jeanine

Love and blessings JS Reiki School