The one thing

Good evening on this cold June night, I hope you are all well and warm and snug as a bug inside your bed with a blanky or wearing a warm gown and slippers sipping hot chocolate, which is me. Tonight I want to talk about the one thing. This means what is the one thing in your life that you will honour with such intensity and commitment that it becomes part of your core values. That one thing that you know once you have accomplished you have lived the life the way you want to

Think about it for a moment, maybe it could be to visit a country taste their food, live their culture speak their language, or maybe it is to learn how to be an architect and have the biggest joy of designing buildings that give others an abundance of happiness, it could be an old age home or a play centre. Or perhaps your biggest goal in life is to climb Mount Everest. Whatever it may be, know that you are unique you are necessary in this world and your one thing will most likely not be the same as another’s one thing and right there is where we find the absolute beauty in being an individual, your own person your own soul with your own journey

Sometimes these journeys lead us to the most exquisite places with the most profound lessons learned from experience, people, places, family,I challenge you to take a moment to go within that quiet place within you that only you can hear that whisper that echos from your very core and ask yourself the most profound question……. what is that one thing ….

For me it is to live with no regrets, for I believe we regret the things we do in life ,…..sure…., but we regret the things that we don’t do, I wish to live a full life and to never ever look back and say…..I should have or if only…… 

we live once…..make it count

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Stay safe and stay warm

Love and blessings

JS Reiki School