The Power of Rose Quartz

CrystalsIn our healing practice, we love using rose quartz as we understand the power of love and that love holds the highest vibration – there is a reason why great love stories will always be remembered for generations to come. We believe that love is the greatest healing energy and base our practice on the power of love.

It is no wonder then that our favourite thing to recommend to our clients is to bring rose quartz lamps, rose quartz crystals etc. into their lives. It is known as the love stone and brings healing to heart chakra.

I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this stone is and I urge you to bring and use it in your everyday life -if you visit our healing practice you will see rose quartz everywhere because the power of love is needed more than ever now through the paradigm shift all humanity is experiencing.

Amazing facts about rose quartz:

The stone is unconditional love and opens the heart chakra
Perfect for every type of love not just romantic
One of the greatest tools to learn to love yourself
Helps to balance emotions
Brings comfort
Can draw your ideal partner into your life
Relieves anxiety
Helps remove emotional blocks
Great source of protection
My favourite piece of jewellery is a rose quartz bracelet as it reminds me to give and receive love where ever I am in the world.

Rose Quartz lamps are available from the centre at R500.00
Rose Quartz crystals are available from the centre at prices ranging from R10.00 to R50.00 depending on size.
Rose Quart bracelets are available from the centre at R70.00

Love and blessings
JS Reiki School