Using a Reiki Box

Reiki BoA Reiki box can be used as a wonderful way to energize something -the idea is to create a space that can receive all your Reiki requests and supercharge it with Reiki to amplify its potential!

  • Distant healing either written on a piece of paper or photographs of the receivers.
  • Personal healing from the past. Write down what you wish to be healed -painful relationship, disease, any trauma etc.
  • Personal healing of future events such as a job interview or a vacation.
  • Send a positive message to any part of yourself that needs it, e.g. the part of you that has been strong to help you deal with a trauma or disease.
  • Crystals that you wish to clear and energise for healing or meditation.
  • How to send Reiki to your Reiki box:

    Place your hands on the box and allow your Reiki to flow through you into the box. Reiki flows by Grace so nothing needs to be done here except to get out of the way and allow the energising to happen naturally.

    Do this every day for 5 to 10 minutes and watch the miracle of Reiki.

    Love and Blessings
    JS Reiki School