Vibrational Magic

Hi Ya from JS Reiki School

Magic has always fascinated me and to know that there is some modality out there that is completely natural and positive that can assist us with our daily lives absolutely intrigues me. I am referring to Reiki. It is a subtle yet deep hands-on healing approach that focuses on less than light areas, healing one on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, psychic and sexual ways. When choosing to grow and self develop it takes us on a journey of inner peace and harmony, however when starting a reiki journey it does not only do this but also lifts our vibration, which creates energetic magic inside and outside of us.

The higher our vibration, the better we feel on all levels internally, and we project this externally and then…..the positive vibes come back to us, having a better quality of life. The law of attraction. When we are in a good space, good things happen to us, when we are in a bad space, bad things happen to us. Let us choose to be in a good vibration as often as possible, allow Reiki into your life as part of your life and see how your life starts to shift…..Vibrational magic.

I would also like to announce that even though Covid has affected us greatly, it has also allowed us to branch into other ways of technology, to re-invent ourselves and climb out our comfort zone. Due to this, and the successful zoom classes that I have run in 2020, I have officially branched out into teaching courses internationally via zoom. I can adapt to international times. Let the new journey begin….

I am also running face to face classes as well as physical and distant treatments.

Please feel free to visit my website or WhatsApp me on 079 896 0154 or email me on

I would love to share the Vibrational magic with you!

Love an light always

JS Reiki School