Where do you channel your Reiki energy from?

Where do you channel your Reiki energy from?As humans we believe that we are limited due to living in structured societies with rules and limitations thus we develop a belief system that the universe operates the same way -this is a false concept.

When Dr Usui discovered Reiki he was very much searching for answers on limitations. As a young boy growing up he was taught energy healing by using a technique to build up his own energy and to use this energy to heal others. This technique showed him very clearly how limited a person’s energy was. He would feel depleted after giving a healing using his own energy. The first Reiki attunement that Dr Usui received gave him the ability to channel energy through him, from the universe which did not deplete his own energy. This was the answer that he had been searching for.

Because our 3rd-dimensional awareness supports our belief that we are limited, thus channelling Reiki energy from universe connects to all that is unlimited and infinite, making you question the limitations imposed on us and showing us that we are more than this human body and power we house within ourselves. Who am I? I am soul having a human experience and Reiki brings this realisation that you are more than the physical body and you hold the power to heal by connecting to the unlimited healing of the universe.

Also, the realisation that this power – Reiki is unlimited, available to all and always was, it is a universal power that resides in all and just needs to be awakened again.

So in conclusion, Reiki is universal energy being channelled through a Reiki master and thus is unlimited.

Love and Light
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