Why do a Reiki course?

Reiki CoursesSo many people have the wrong idea of what Reiki is all about. It is not spiritual, let me say that again, it is not spiritual. Reiki is the absolute best self-care tool that you could give yourself. It is a course of teaching you how to fill your own cup when you are sitting on reserves. How to deal with your emotions, to become aware of yourself and to learn to heal and protect yourself. Who would not want to achieve this?

What Qualifications do I need?

There are no formal qualifications needed to do this course nor do you need to be gifted with healing or intuitive abilities, you can be an average person wanting to learn how to heal and take better care of themselves. That’s it.

The only requirement you need is to want to show up for yourself, not to quit when it gets hard, to be gentle and kind to yourself and then…..to sign up for this course.

Where can I sign up for the course?

That’s easy, have a look at the courses we offer and fill out the enquiry form or you could call, email or WhatsApp Jeanine 079 896 0154 or Shabs 071 254 6388 and we will gladly book your place on the next course.

Your investment is R3500 which can either be paid upfront or in 2 payments, once before the course starts and once during it.

When is the right time to do the course?

When life feels like its running away from you. When you don’t have any joy or pleasures in your day. When you can’t remember the last time you had a belly laugh or had a day of not worrying about anything and being grateful for the here and now. If you are struggling in any of these areas or all, then yes it’s time to put yourself first and give a bit of absolute self-care to you for you.

How will the course benefit me?

Firstly you get to learn more about the most important person which is you, who you are, learning to marry your mind, body and soul back into alignment. To learn how precious the moment of now is and how powerful it is. To learn that the most important feelings are about love, gratitude, abundance and joy and how to begin to live your life this way. When we do, we learn to have inner peace, love and happiness which is priceless. Come let us teach you how.

Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School