You are enough – The Universe

You are enoughI am Enough
Who I am is
What I do is
What I have is

If all humans can get this concept that all we are is enough as we were created in pure love and light and we can be nothing else but enough – we would truly live in a golden age and new Earth. So today I would like to encourage all to do this simple mantra every morning.

Dear Universe

Today I am enough
Today I am loving
Today I am loved

Today I do enough
Today I am joyful in all I do
Today I am grateful for doing

Today I have enough
Today I am sharing my abundance
Today my heart is filled with joy for being able to share

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Universe

For the realisation that I am enough and there is no need to compete or compare with others as they are enough too.

Love and Blessings
JS Reiki School